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Good good - Saweetie

Good good – Saweetie lyrics

Lyrics Good good – Saweetie You’ve been playin’ for too long, too long Boy, I’m tryna see some, yeah You be actin’ like you ain’t sprung, ain’t sprung I’ma give you what you want I’ma...

Ghost - Jaden Smith

Ghost – Jaden Smith ft. Christian Rich lyrics

Lyrics Christian Rich – Ghost – Jaden Smith I just ran hunnid yard dash You spent too much cash Screw your Goyard bags I knew that you wouldn’t last I’m in physics class I knew...

Out the rain - Baby Jayy

Out the rain – Baby Jayy lyrics

Lyrics Out the rain – Baby Jayy I made it out the rain I swear we are not the same Half a million in my bank ‘Member I ain’t have a thing No one was...