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letter to Lucci - yfn lucci

Letter to Lucci – Yfn Lucci lyrics

Lyrics Yfn Lucci – Letter to Lucci If anything I’ma grind Somebody tell ’em that it’s my time Somebody tell me why they hatin’ on me Somebody tell ’em stop hatin’ on me yea...

medal of nador - celo

Medal of nador – Celo feat. Abdi songtexte

Songtexte Celo – Medal of nador Medal of Nador, straight outta Ketama Kriegsveteran, durch die Straße von Gibraltar Doppel-Zero Tijara, Doppel-Zero Tijara Dreißig Dinger Twizla, Zetla première classe Geliefert im Espace Renault Turbodiesel Mach’...

curse - koda

Curse – Koda lyrics

Lyrics Koda – Curse Freedom is a curse That I don’t wanna break I’m trapped inside a room Where everything’s fading. Its tied to all I’m worth Like every conversations And love is for...