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make it out - lil durk

Make it out – Lil Durk lyrics

Lyrics Lil Durk – Make it out But if I call you my brother that mean you my brother, you know what I’m sayin’? Nothin’ more nothin’ less, family I been hearing too many...

wrong - far out

Wrong – Far Out lyrics

Lyrics Far Out – Wrong Ride body on mine Griping your waist as I was on The back of your bike Whipping round the corner Holding onto you, you never let me fall Like...

inima te vand - tallina

Inima te vand – Tallina versuri

Versuri Tallina – Inima te vand Inima, tu nu prea stii ce vrei Ma intrebi ce mai fac Eu spun ca-s k Dar a durut atat de mult.(inima te vand) Inima, tu nu prea...