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Serio - Emis Killa

Serio – Emis Killa feat. Capo PLaza testo

Testo Emis Killa – Serio – Emis Killa Fuori il cielo è già nero Esco a fare il dinero Tra due ore ho un aereo Perché faccio sul serio Seriooo, seriooo Perché faccio sul serio...

You - Post Malone

You – Post Malone ft. Dynamite Dylan lyrics

Lyrics Post Malone – You – Post Malone Might be talkin’ to you. The sun comes out when you smile See stars in youuur eyes at night Never thought holdin’ youuur hand Could make everythin’...

Certified - T.I.

Certified – T.I. lyrics

Lyrics T.I. – Certified – T.I. I’m a certified A-town nigga, trap original Did it analog, fore’ this s**t was even digital Big box Chevy, tinted windows riding sellin work Never tell I rather go...