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rege - alex airinei

Rege – Alex Airinei feat. Nosfe versuri

Versuri Alex Airinei – Rege Regeee. (x4) Oare ce inseamna ca sa fii un rege? Regeee. (x4) Prin cate ai trecut tu sa devii un rege. Regeee. (x4) Ce ai sacrificat tu ca sa...

the one - the chainsmokers

The one – The Chainsmokers lyrics

Lyrics The Chainsmokers – The One You know, I’m sorry I won’t make it to your party Got caught up in my own selfishness It won’t let me be a part of this And...

why - the cranberries

Why – The Cranberries lyrics

Lyrics The Cranberries – Why Somewhere in between you and heaven. Somewhere in between where and why. Somewhere in an other time and .. I can hear you asking me why. Whyyy? (x2) Tell...