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runnin - pharrell williams

Runnin – Pharrell Williams lyrics

Lyrics Pharrell Williams – Runnin Summertime in Virginia was a oven. All the kids eating ice cream with their cousins. I was studyin’ while you was playing the dozens (dozens). Don’t act like you...

baietele - alex airinei

Baietele – Alex Airinei versuri

Versuri Alex Airinei – Baietele Baietele, baieteleee.(x6) De ce nu stai la locul tau baietele? Baietele, baieteleee.(x6) Nu vrei probleme in viata ta baieteleee. Ma-ta sta ca Botezatu, in primul in rand. Numai rochii...

ayo - lady gaga

AYO – Lady Gaga lyrics new single

Lyrics Lady Gaga – AYO Here we go.(ayo) I can’t wait to smoke them all. Whole pack like Marlboro. Blow it in your face. Blow it in your face. Blow it in your, blow...