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pure luck - ninajirachi

Pure luck – Ninajirachi lyrics

Lyrics Ninajirachi – Pure luck The water’s clearer on the other side Do you believe her when she cries? I’m talking bodies, you’re talking eyes And there isn’t a reason you can’t get by.(pure...

bellyache - billie eilish

Bellyache – Billie Eilish lyrics

Lyrics Billie Eilish – Bellyache Sittin’ all alone Mouth full of gum In the driveway My friends aren’t far In the back of my car Lay their bodies.(bellyache) Where’s my mind Where’s my mind....

hard to love - matthew koma

Hard to love – Matthew Koma lyrics

Lyrics Matthew Koma – Hard to love I rule the world from my sweat pants I got a bitchin’ collection of headbands I don’t wanna go out and see your friend’s band Tell me...