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drowning - kream

Drowning – Kream feat. Clara Mae lyrics

Lyrics Kream – Drowning We found our hearts on lockdown You faded in the background Any other day I’d dry my tears away I’d keep it all inside my heavy mind We found our...

eighteen - tep no

Eighteen – Tep No lyrics

Lyrics Tep No – Eighteen I was only eighteen, chasing dreams And my mother screamed “Don’t be thinking things” I wanted fame, but who’s to blame? That life felt good enough for me to...

leo - xan griffin

Leo – Xan Griffin feat. Neonheart lyrics

Lyrics Xan Griffin – Leo I’ve been here wasting time I don’t wanna comprimize Something within me I just can’t break free.(Leo) I don’t wanna say you’re right Lying here awake at night You...