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this is our time - florian picasso

This is our time – Florian Picasso lyrics

Lyrics Florian Picasso – This is our time Runnin’, we were runnin’ towards a brighter day. With our eyes wide open. Dreamin’, we’ve been dreamin’ while we were still awake. The only way is...

out of love - two friends

Out of love – Two Friedns feat. Cosmos lyrics

Lyrics Two Friends – Out of love How long can you walk around without knowing. How long will it take till your faith is broken. Tell me how long will you wait for the...

speak in tongues - machineheart

Speak in tongues – Machineheart lyrics

Lyrics Machineheart – Speak in tongues There is a hunger that is stirring up inside of your mind It keeps on twisting and turning to the sound of desire You want to taste and...