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bedroom floor - liam payne

Bedroom floor – Liam Payne lyrics

Lyrics Liam Payne – Bedroom floor Baby Heard you’ve been talking about me lately Telling all your friends how much you hate me But who you calling up when you get lonely? When you...

get low - zedd

Get low – Zedd feat. Liam Payne lyrics

Lyrics Zedd – Get low Shake too low But that don’t mean much Sensitive tough, you don’t get enough I’ve been drowning in your, lost in the rush Faded you’re stuck, I help you...

strip that down - liam payne

Strip that down – Liam Payne feat. Quavo lyrics

Lyrics Liam Payne – Strip that down You know, I’ve been taking some time And I’ve been keeping to myself (self) I had my eyes up on the prize Ain’t watching anybody else But...