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leviathan g-eazy

Leviathan – G-Eazy lyrics

Lyrics G-Eazy – Leviathan Wanna mess with me, you better know your place Look around ’til you’ve lost your way I play no games I’ve got many names Wanna swim in fire, don’t take...

eazy - g-eazy

Eazy – G-Eazy feat. Son Lux lyrics

Lyrics G-Eazy – Eazy Easy, eazy Pull out your heart to make the being alone Easy, easy (talkin’ to my younger self) Pull out your heart to make the being alone. Dear Gerald, you’re...

addicted - sickick

Addicted – Sickick lyrics

Lyrics Sickick – Addicted I’m so addicted. (x2) We gon’ be alright, no complainin’ You been on my mind lately and you I ain’t playin Need you in my life, I’m just sayin’ Baby...