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anda adam para siempre

Anda Adam – Para siempre

Versuri Anda Adam – Para siempre Saying I love you would be wrong If beyond those three words I wouldn’t be your girl But I’m ready to prove it Whenever you lose it Baby count...

otilia bilionera

Otilia – Bilionera

Versuri Otilia – Bilionera Tomame la mano Que tu eres cosa Buena Esta noche quiero bailar Sobre en la arena No soy una ajena No soy nada mal Ven paca ven paca Y ahora Tomame...

betty blue day party

Betty Blue – Day party

Versuri Betty Blue – Day party Waking up in my room Wonder what to do Got the time on my hands Sunshine on sky is blue Grab the telephone Time to call all my...