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Set it off - Dave East

Set it off – Dave East lyrics

Lyrics Dave East – Set it off – Dave East This money got you trippin’ Now what you gon’ do? Rob another goddamn bank What the f**k is y’all thinkin’? Hold up, we said once,...

lean - cam'ron

Lean – Cam’ron lyrics

Lyrics Cam’ron – Lean I’ma warn ya In your circle don’t mean that they in your corner Almost was a goner, 10 years for marijuana Only thing I ever said in court “I plead...

untouchable - eminem

Untouchable – Eminem lyrics

Lyrics Eminem – Untouchable Hands up, officer don’t shoot Then pull your pants up, promise you won’t loot We may never understand each other it’s no use We ain’t ever gonna grasp what each...