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antonio - lorraine

Antonio – Lorraine lyrics

Lyrics Lorraine – Antonio I wanna feel. I wanna feel tu cuerpo. All that I see right now. Solo tu cuerpo, Antonio. I wanna feel . I wanna feel tu cuerpo. You give me...

carry on - memphis may fire

Carry on – Memphis May Fire lyrics

Lyrics Memphis May Fire – Carry on Tug of war, back and forth. All regards goes, out the door. Set your sights on goals, and words, become obsessed, and watch success unfold. Decrease the...

champions - usher

Champions – Usher lyrics

Lyrics Usher – Champions No more war, no more war. What are we fighting for. El dolor que trae el fracaso. De la duda y la traición. Veo una vida hecha pedazos. Y ahí...