100k – Just Chase feat. Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics 100k – Just Chase

100k lyrics
Ay, 100k on me that’s fine
Ay, bad bitches callin my line
Ay, I’mma turn it up every time
Ay, if you see your woman, that’s mine
Ay, pull up, n***a .. on gang
Ay, I just put a bag in the ..
Ay, fast car, I’mma do the dab
Ay, swimming in the p***y, I’mma splash (splash)

Ay, all I know is .. to the cash, baby
Ay, running with the money, move it fast, baby
Ay, wake up ..
Ay, ..

Ay, pull on a scene with the ..
Cause .. got a foreign b***h
.. sorry, yeah
All I know, some d**k ..
.. gang we feel the ..
.. we feeling great

And I feel alive, no one .. and I feel alive
Feel alive, thought you want my .. and I feel alive
Don’t you .., don’t you play her mind, no
.. picking sides
No more games (no more games)

Are you in love with my kitchen
Wanna whip it with your ..
Are you .. block
They gon’ tell you I’m the man
Fell in love with the Guap, ..
Gang gang niggas, I don’t think they understand
Up with the .. I’m like what they do ..
.. on my chain, then it’s me and you, baby, yeah
Know my name, I’m ..
Money makin niggas, oh, I’m gon’ get it quicker, oh
Ay, .. with my niggas, oh
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100k - Just Chase
100k - Just Chase