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The Purge – Dope Lxrd lyrics

Lyrics The Purge – Dope Lxrd The purge lyrics Dope on the track got nothing but the purest of coke in my rack I’m a purist at heart got the purest of shards and I’m moving it fast Cos these kids in the bool keep using the glass Till they dropping dead till they got […]

Bricks – Dope LXRD lyrics

Lyrics Bricks – Dope LXRD Bricks lyrics Imagine if I had a brick Id sell that shit real quick Id cut it with caffeine and serve it to the crack fiends then thats 3 bricks that Im moving shit [Bridge:] Im burning my brain Im gurning today I spend everyday with my drugs bruh Im […]

MDMA – Dope Lxrd lyrics

Lyrics MDMA – Dope Lxrd MDMA lyrics [Verse 1: Dope LXRD] Shelby Stang from the 65 Windows down when we ride like the 59 You dial up my phone and I hit decline And I feel like I might take a trip tonight Im on acid tabs, you craving a cone come pack it lad […]

Skyfall – Dope Lxrd lyrics

Lyrics Skyfall – Dope Lxrd Skyfall lyrics [Verse 1:] I feel so high when Im popping bics But I still can’t get myself on top of shit And everybody tells me I should stop this shit But its more than some fun its so obvious Im gonna self destruct, and I won’t stop till my […]

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