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Boat to Virginia – Kevin Gates lyrics

Lyrics Boat to Virginia – Kevin Gates Boat to Virginia lyrics Have you ever been criticized for nothin’? Have you ever been penalized for assumptions? I done been canceled, I done been muted by the whole industry I done said fuck ittt

Ride da night – Kevin Gates lyrics

Lyrics Ride da night – Kevin Gates Ride da night lyrics Green light, we gon’ ride the night Loud pipes, we gon’ ride the night Fishtailin’ out the parking lot No cops, we ain’t gonna stop Switch gears, we gon’ drag and drift Hard tops, ain’t no rags in here Hit the gas and we […]

At – Kevin Gates lyrics

Lyrics At – Kevin Gates At lyrics With my bitch in a Louis bag Where the guns at? In the Coupe with the roof detached Where the slums at In the booth. Hold up, who want rap? Where the funds at? (Where it’s at?) My Lieutenant bout to send it Bitch I’m where the plug […]

Cartel swag – Kevin Gates lyrics

Lyrics Cartel swag – Kevin Gates Cartel swag lyrics Sometimes when you compromise who you are to appease others You slowly feel yourself beginnin’ to die inside It’s been an amazing journey (An amazing journey) And I suffered (I suffered) Now I’m all the way up (All the way up) All the way up (All […]

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