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Day before – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics Day before – Young Thug Day before lyrics S-N-double-O-P, I’m a dizzog Shit, he was talking brazy, I ain’t lie, I knocked the nigga off I ain’t tryna give him a chance to kill me or take the stand on me He know I just had a hundred thousand Ps Saran’d on me I […]

Road rage – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics Road rage – Young Thug Road rage lyrics Hopscotchin’ through the street, I’m tryin’ not to fall She pray to God that I make it home before tomorrow mornin’ I’m tryna tell her to pick a Rollie, but she don’t care at all Don’t care nothin’ ’bout my drank, my portion’s what I’m comin’ […]

Cullinan keys – Young Thug lyrics & Gunna

Lyrics Cullinan keys – Young Thug feat. Gunna Cullinan keys lyrics I told Roscoe slam the door (Slam the door) I fuck on that ho and I go (I go) You begging that bitch not to leave I fuck her whenever I please (God damn) You prob’ out begging it please I’m begging ‘lil mama […]

That go – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics That go – Young Thug That go lyrics This twenty a pill Ran up a check, get this Patek baguette, he made twenty more mill’ Drop on the opp and then jump on the chopper and go to the Hills My youngin go Call of Duty with that chopper and he wanna kill Yeah, […]

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