Alone – Sheek Louch lyrics

Lyrics Alone – Sheek Louch

Alone lyrics
Yeah, I’m on my grown man s**t
I’m ’bout as grown as it gets
I was born to stand out, I don’t care if I don’t fit
True story, I grew up around coke
I was only seven when I first seen my pops smoke
Uncle was sniffin’ somethin’, not sure what that was
Kept rubbin’ his nose, put his jacket on backwards
Found out what crack was, then I found a hundred pack
I don’t care whose s**t it was, we sold it in the back
Moms on her grind, workin’ , tryna do her thing
Had me at sixteen, tryna raise a king
It was through the grace of God for all this rap s**t (Facts)
Had a bunch of fights but I was down to clap s**t
Had a bunch friends now I probably got six
Used to have a lot but they was actin’ like chicks
I guess I got older, seen what it was
Money bring jealousy, I seen what it does (Facts)
Smokin’ my weed, loadin’ my chrome
I’m with my family or I’m alooone

I’m alooone
Alooone, alooone, alooone
‘Cause I’m alooone, ah
Alooone, alooone, alooone

Oh, I just wanna get the p***y, hit it then pass that
You can have your b***h back even though her a*s fat
We ain’t got beef, she’ll be home in an hour
I put her in an Uber, she already took a shower
But she good, she good
Sheek Louch’s hood, they know I’m strapped
D-Block, D-Block, LOX s**t is way more than rap
New York, New York, Yonkers, put it on the map
Them bags, them checks, they come, they back to back
‘Cause I’m smokin’ and I’m drinkin’ countin’ this money up in the sky
Just left the states, now I’m in Dubai
These fake niggas hatin’ but I know why
Oh, my, my, my
Who the f**k is you?
And why should I listen to advice from anyone who be ’round you?
Your crew in the same place they was last year
Not a God damn dollar more
You actually gone backwards from Whole Foods, now you at the Dollar Store
What’s the problem for?
We ain’t gotta be friends
I got my chrome and I’m alooone

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Alone - Sheek Louch
Alone - Sheek Louch