Another o – Bigonice Trap lyrics

Lyrics Another o – Bigonice Trap

Another O lyrics
[Intro: BigOnIce Trap]: Hol Up, what, what, what
[Chorus: Olympia] Uh oh, it’s another o-o-o can’t believe there’s another uh-ooo-O
[Verse: Olympia] Ocean’s Name Is Like The Sea, Orbet Can Be Pickly, Also There’s Onasy, And O-Jamison Also O-Prano And A-ffeno, I can’t Fit The Others In
[Chorus: Olympia]: Uh, oh It’s Another o-o-O can’t believe there’s another uh-ooo-O
[Verse 2: Olympia] Don’t forget, miss o or You’ll be in her office to explain
[Outro: BigOnIce Trap:] uh oh, it’s another o-o can’t believe it’s another ooo

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