Arrest the president – Ice Cube lyrics

Lyrics Arrest the president – Ice Cube

Arrest the president lyrics
When I drop the mic it hit the floor like Thor (That’s right)
You can’t pick it up no more (Don’t even try)
Y’all know what it is, y’all know what it was (Yeah)
Y’all know what it shall be

Get smart ‘fore the s**t start
‘Fore it get dark, ‘fore they hit you with the pitchfork
Better crip walk (Crip walk), this is real talk
Smoke kush and bush, then we peel off (Eugh)
Niggas still rollin’ with the wheels off (Eugh)
Always lookin’ out for the crisscross
I’m a bigger boss than Rick Ross
Always winnin’, n***a, get lost
It’s the warlord, bring the voodoo
When I bail through, it’s crazy like Bellevue
What they tell you? (Leave that boy alone) Leave that boy alone
Like Home Alone (Yeah), f**k a skull and bone
Arrest the president, you got the evidence
That n***a is Russian intelligence (Okay)
When it rains it pours
Did you know the new white was orange?
Boy, you’re showing your horns
They’re tryin’ to replace my halo with thorns
You so basic with your vape stick
Let’s go apeshit in the matrix

Arrest the president, arreeest the president
Arreeest the president, you got the evidence (x2)

I took back my ice, in all black tonight
That’s right, some niggas gotta sacrifice
Not a criminal (No), I’m a seminal (Yeah)
I was free once, now I’m clinical (Crazy)
You so technical, this was Mexico
Now everywhere I go is owned by Texaco (F**k them)
F**k them and the rest of you (Hell yeah)
I turn a fruit into a vegetable (Pop you motherfuckers out)
I’ma roll with the aliens
Man, f**k these homo sapiens
They don’t really wanna make friends (Hell no)
All they want is a Mercedes Benz (Hell yeah)
All they want is they dividends
And decibels, f**k these citizens
They’ll treat us like hooligans
Throw ’em in, they don’t care what school he in
These people don’t play fair
It ain’t even fair at the state fair
Give a young n***a grey hair
That’s why I’m here, make your a*s lay there
Punk, you better stay there
Close your f*****g eyes like it’s day care
Make myself clear, it ain’t Shakespeare
I’m here to take money even fake hair
So desperate is what I’m left with
For the record you affected
Who you elected is so septic
So full of s**t, I can’t accept it

Arrest the president, arrest the president
Arrest the president, you got the evidence (x4)

I reside on the Westside (Westside)
I murder with my third eye (Third eye)
Niggas so fly, get a bird’s eye
I make ’em scream bloody murder
Let’s meet at the White House (Come on)
Run in and turn the lights out
Man, they treat it like a trap house
These motherfuckers never take the trash out (Damn)
They just cash out and mash out
N***a take your drugs and pass out (Shut the f**k up)
Niggas love to go that fast route (Yeah)
I see you and your black a*s, get out
Homie, you play too much (Yeah)
While these devils, they doin’ way too much (Much)
Most of ’em won’t sleep too much
Why they’re steady planin’? God knows what (God knows what)
That’s why I roll with the real ones
Real ones tryin’ to reach millions
Real ones tryin’ to make billions
Real ones dressed like civilians

Arrest the president, arrest the president
Arrest the president, you got the evidence (x2)
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Arrest the president - Ice Cube
Arrest the president - Ice Cube