Art class – Montana of 300 lyrics

Lyrics Art class – Montana of 300

Art class lyrics
They call me “Mr. Rap God” welcome to my school
I’m goin’ off again for those who like to snooze
Big shot out to my fans and my haters for the views
I am not like other rappers please do not get me confused
When they talk and end up dead I’m who they accuse
I’m slidin’ on you pussies you would think my name was lube
Life is full of frequent losses you can’t be afraid to lose
Fightin’ demons droppin’ jewels I go so hard I don’t bruise
Member back when s**t was sellin’ (Woo) slower than a cruise
Then a n***a put in work until I blew just like a fuse
Now these bitches wanna choose look at n***a like I’m food
Because I got so much money my niece call me Uncle Scrooge
Value God and read a lot b***h that’s the secret of the ooze
Wanna book me? Send in racks like bitches sendin’ nudes
Dude your b***h ain’t a goddess you want a link like a sausage?
You know I’m smoother than lotion that’s why baby on my Johnson
She gave me neck so fuckin’ long I thought the b***h was a ostrich
Big d**k n***a all the h**s on mine like a conscious

You just keep makin’ them comments I’ma keep makin’ deposits
I need money for this s**t b***h every bar is a hostage
They hatin’ but they can’t block it they pissed and they ain’t Ben wallace
These other rappers is novice I’m whippin’ ’em like garages
When people begin to praise you there’s always someone to hate you
Don’t ever question me b***h I brought everything to the table
I got it up off the floor I’m the legs that kept this s**t stable
Not dinin’ with the ungrateful when they can’t use you they’ll hate you
So I gotta teach the love from a city where all they know is sick
Can’t trust your closest kin and the Lord above might be your only friend
Where we too broke to win but can’t let that stop me from focusin’
Holdin’ emotions it made me meaner than Gene Okerlund (Woo)
Stop the complainin’ boy it’s bad for your brain
You can’t create your own storm and then get mad when it rain
See I was maskin’ the pain until I mastered the pain
I vowed to never let my purpose be distracted by pain
Just know that God’s sun gon’ always shine after the rain
Expect the haters gon’ come harder even after the fame
Conor MacGregor swear they wanna see me back in the cage
They think I’m up to my old ways but that was back in the days
Only had two things on my mind what? Rappin’ and slangin’
Established my name stay strapped up while I’m stackin’ my change
Try not to get a tombstone like I was wrasslin’ Kane
Squeezin’ at they fuckin’ necks like I was snatchin’ a chain
Two bulletholes in his throat my gun got dracula fangs
These other rappers don’t compare they ain’t no match for my brain
Who gonna hop up on a track and feel the wrath of a train?
Enter the dragon bring your cameras try to capture the flames
Pay for a feature n***a summon the dragon but
Don’t come at all if you don’t come with the passion nah
Don’t f**k around I done put some in a casket yeah
Like GI Joes you know I come with that ratchet yeah
Anyone can score can you play defense for them bucks?
I grab the stick before I move like I’m reachin’ for a crutch
I think I fucked this b***h too good she couldn’t keep it on the hush
Bitches choosin’ Johnny Cage they be swingin’ on my nuts yeah
We been through pain and the struggle that’s why we strong
I’m a stand up guy you would think that all the seats gone
Niggas say they apes ’til it’s time to come meet Kong
Niggas talkin’ dumb bump they gums ’til they teeth gone
I’ma get my creep on while he get his sleep on
Pull up in his face shoot bullets hit his cheekbone
I hope you niggas keep on I really do this s**t ‘n you
Walkin’ and you talkin’ like a preacher with his feet gone
I’m all about that action that’s why you actors hate ’em
Blew at his head Leonardo decapitate ’em

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