Back 2 skoo – Daboii lyrics

Lyrics Back 2 skoo – Daboii

Back 2 skoo lyrics
Ah, ah It’s time to take some niggas to school
Ha, take them niggas to school ah
It’s time to take some niggas to school

It’s time to take these niggas to school
Wanted me dead for years now, still ain’t makin’ a move
I ain’t forgot about that s**t, I’m just playin’ it cool
B***h it’s the lion of the jungle and I came wit’ the zoo
They gorillas, vultures, hyenas and bears
Wonder if I was to leave, like who even would care?
Death around the corner, no peace in the air
And when we catch you niggas loafin’ we be leavin’ you there
And that’s what it is, what it’s been, what it’s gon’ be
I’m a hot boy but wit’ this Glock I’m a cold piece of work
Granny told me go to church
She want me in them heavens wit’ her, if I ain’t there then she’ll be hurt
Need to get my life together, ‘fore they put me on that shirt
You gotta watch who claim they love you, them the ones that hurt you first
Niggas bitches h**s and niggas switch them bombers when that skirt
I ain’t touch on that slut I treat the b***h like she had germs
Teach the game that I had learned, what I see not what I heard
Down b***h what I got, dumb slut what I curved
Laid back countin’ up, game straight as a perm
Got the hammer rockin’ wit’ me, they’ll take before they earn
And all this wave ridin’ gettin’ pitiful
Follow every trend you see on Twitter, b***h you typical
I just want the neck I’ll off myself you catch me kissin’ you
Talkin’ crazy damn near fun as f**k, ’til this here clip in you
How the f**k you claimin’ you a shooter? Ain’t no skit in you
Claimin’ you a dog, you feel more kind I see the b***h in you
I’m just talkin’ s**t but everybody thing I’m lyrical
It sad how broke these niggas is, my b***h gon’ shed that tear for you
The way I f**k up the booth you’d think I’m funkin’ wit’ it
To the neck wit’ the mic need no co-defendant
My mama call me when she need me ’cause I’m so dependent
And all my niggas two hundred it ain’t no pretendin’
Lord you could off me wit’ that chop if I tell a lie
My b***h a ten in the face yeah she hella fine
You a punto, lol I’m a Spanish guy
I make a opp shoot his self n***a Cheddar Bob
Remember strugglin’ wit’ moms, then out of that can
Anything I own is yours how thankful I am
And I don’t wanna f**k yo’ b***h but I probably can
I know you wanna bag my b***h but you probably can’t
All my shooters got them drums, damn I came wit’ a band
He ain’t movin’ like we move, kick ’em out of the clan
And everybody not a boss, gotta know where you stand
Just sit back and wait yo’ turn, that’s what make you a man
And if she thick, she get two words, Got and Damn
And all that time you’ve had to think, still ain’t got no plans
If they don’t get it on they own no props to them
And they don’t like us over there, we opps to them
B***h it’s DaBoii, no stoppin’ him
And if yo’ name on paperwork, can’t rock wit’ him
Ain’t never lie, Narcs and h**s, I lied to them
And you can meet the man in the mask, you die from him

Took them niggas to school
Haa ha, took them niggas to school
Little a*s boy took them niggas to school
When he scared, he is now and he playin’ it cool
Ha, on the gang
Daboii lyrics
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Back 2 skoo - Daboii
Back 2 skoo - Daboii