Bad Jenny – Freaky J lyrics

Lyrics Bad Jenny – Freaky J

Bad Jenny lyrics
Its Freak J
Yall ready
Lets get it

[Verse 1]
The way you smile got me losing my mind
Those pretty eyes get to me everytime
I’ve always dreamt of you being by my side
With one .. i’ll show you why you should be mines
Its crazy how you almost had me to tears
I felt torn apart once you disappeared
And you know i can’t really think clear
When the one shorty that’s the baddest ain’t speak in years
I seen niggas come and go your way
Even some my niggas tried to cuff you in my face
Funny how they couldn’t mess with you back in the day
No more worries baby girl cause Freaky On The Way!
I know these words make you wonder and smile
The moment i saw you again i had to touch the dial
I really started thinking after a while
Let’s stand side by side and live life wild
Okay now let me speak some truth
I want to say i love you and make you my boo
But now you surrounded by people like you in a crew
And i feel like none of these niggas deserve to be by you
One thing i felt is that you ain’t ever listen
I ain’t these niggas that want to be hitting and dipping
If anything i want to .. that be dripping
And make you feel my heart the day we end up kissing
Man, how could you deny my love im one of the few that not in it for the lust
I know hella niggas man have lost your trust
But don’t ever try to compare me to those f*****g bums
What i got to say what i got to do
To show you
Man i’d even get down on a knee for you
Let’s do a matching fits
Wear some of Yaes shoes
We can be the new Yae and Kim but more improved
We can be king and queens and have the world to rule
We can make all of these bitches and niggas drool
I quit a lot of s**t but i won’t quit on you

I have a lot of it
I dont give away too many
Effort i never stop f*****g trying
Love is what i have for you

[Verse 2]
It gets me mad that you go for dumb niggas
You think i lie when i said i want with you
Stop letting niggas come in your life for your figure
They treating you small when you actually bigger
I know Freaky J might not be the best
But even you know but even you know i’m different from the rest
Every shawty damn they gon have they regrets
Don’t be like them once you’ll see me at my best

I have a lot of it
I dont give away too many
Effort i never stop f*****g trying
Love is what i have for you

[Bad Jenny]
I never thought you and I would ever be friends again
I always just felt like you hated me
I still kinda do sometimes
Because of our conversations
Our conversations are raw but sometimes they feel very rehearsed
As if your waiting for me to say something
And sometimes i dont have nothing to say
I just want to listen to you..
You’re one of the greatest persons you’ve met personally
And i am so glad i saw you again at that quinze
I knew that we would reconnect and be friends again
And even tho im not the greatest at keeping communication
I would just like you to know that i’ll be here forever whenever you need me
I’ll be there and you can always count on me
I love you
And Freaky On The Way right

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