Bae – O.T. Genasis lyrics

Lyrics Bae – O.T. Genasis

Bae lyrics
Well, well what you gon’ do
Yeah, you can dress, but you still ain’t cute
When I turn, my chain go jingalang
A lot of h**s want to see my ding-a-ling
I got a new outfit and I stay with a TEC
Parmesan, house ranch, I’m ready to drip
Real street n***a, can’t do wrong
An unpaid ticket and a Groupon
F**k your baby mama got no choice
Put her car seat in my Rolls-Royce
Some of these h**s got no choice
Meat in her throat that’s no voice
I’m rich, I’m lit, a b***h gon’ suck this d**k
I’m fresh, I’m hood, I look good

I look like Bae (x4)

God damn, God damn
My outfit look like God playin’
You don’t know another n***a that’s lit like this
Watch change color when I lift my wrist
That’s a Motel 6, keep on them lights
Take a b***h on a date, f**k her that night
She got a boyfriend like bye n***a
Good, I’m tryin’ to be your side n***a
I’m handsome (Handsome)
I’m fly (Fly)
I’m rich (Rich)
That guy (Guy)
I’m smooth
No lie (Lie)
Girl boo, you dry
They say I look good, wanna hear it again
If nobody saw me in it, I’ma wear it again
‘Cause I don’t give a f**k
I look good, I look good

I look like Bae (x4)
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Bae - O.T. Genasis
Bae - O.T. Genasis