Ball and stick – Bill Wurtz lyrics

Lyrics Ball and stick – Bill Wurtz

Ball and stick lyrics
Yes, I think you can see the signifigance of this
It’s gone
The ball is gone
Where did it go?

It’s rolling down the lonely road
Wondering if there’s any place to go

The castle
Go to the castle

Go into the castle
Let all my troubles float away
Gonna get hassled

You can’t go in this castle

I already did

You can’t

I already did

You cannot go into this castle

Where is the castle?


Am I already in it?

Go to jail

I’m in jail now
And I’m mad at the jail

That was a fake jail
Made out of cardboard
I’m back
Don’t bounce me off the wall again
That was mostly violent

Don’t do it
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Ball and stick - Bill Wurtz
Ball and stick - Bill Wurtz