Bate onna bo – TisaKorean lyrics

Lyrics Bate onna bo – TisaKorean

Bate onna bo lyrics
Yeah WTSA go-getta radio
We back in the mix live after 5
We know you’re stuck in a traffic jam but jam this brand new
TisaKorean “Bate Onna Bo” on WTSA
Go-getta Radio

[Verse 1]
I ain’t payin to get in (For real ayy)
Oh s**t baby that’s your friend s**t
I mean s**t let her know (She looks good)
Ayy I’m goin’ nuts pistachio (For real)

Bate Onna Bo (x8)

[Verse 2]
Ayy ayy
S**t I’m lookin’ for a freak (I need a freaky lil’ hoe)
Ayy and them cups got me weak (And them cups got me weak)
From the back I swear she thick (And she thick damn)
Basketball watch a n***a set a pick (God damn)
Ayy s**t on her momma a*s (Booty)
On her momma cakes (Cakes)
McFlurry milkshakes(Shakes)
Shake that lil’ s**t like a tambourine (Boom)
She gon’ make that a*s shake (She gon’ drum)
Only thing she good for is some head and a good debate (For real)
Okay I like that (For real)
Okay I need that (For real)
Ayy her titties small her booty big
I call that a mismatch (Mismatch)
Her ex blowin’ her phone up
But he ain’t gon’ get her back
‘Cause I’ma beat-beat her back
And let her tress on my passs

Bate onna bo

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