Bed video released by Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande

Bed video released. Ohh yea, the two beautiful singers
Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande dropped on 6th of July the
video version of their collab Bed. This video was waited for
fans for a long time. They teased some images on 5th of July.
And finally they released this hot, steamy video.

In the video we can see the 2 artists on some very hot situations.
In my opinion Ariana is somehow left out in this video,
the focus is mainly on Nicki. We can see her and her hot
body in some yummy positions. At the end of the clip both
of the ladies find couple of beds with 2 hot boys waiting for
them.. that’s the life worth living.

Bed is Nicki’s second single from her upcoming album called
Queen and due to be released on August 10th. People say
that Nicki is trying too hard to achieve Cardi’s musical
performances but no chance, this is Cardi’s year b*tch 😀

Bed video released
Bed video released