Berserk – scarlxrd lyrics

Lyrics Berserk – scarlxrd

Berserk lyrics
Wait uh
You’ll never take up my place uh
Get up and ride in the wave uh
Watch how I get it and change yuh
Keep all the tips I don’t wait uh
I tell her sit on my face uh
Sipping my gin with no chaser
Saving not spending the paper
Getting everything I f*****g asked for since the start
I get stupid payed up just for spilling out my heart
I just got a new b***h she rides d**k incredible
If she falls in love too fast her numbers getting blocked
Demons all around still
So numb I can’t feel
Course you’re gonna hate your life if s**t is going down hill
Yall all think I’m crazy
F**k it I’m changing and switching it up
I change the pace and i weave in the dust
I got the throne I’m not giving it up
Making sure that everything I do is f*****g heavy
Watching everything I’ll ever f*****g do is legendary
I don’t wanna slow it down I wanna keep it resurrecting
Gotta plan it all out no I never will regret it
Never gave a f**k about a penny

Been had cash now my racks steady
Living what I’m talking evidently
Real life s**t don’t you tempt me
Stay in your lane I know where the f**k I’m going
Keep a mask on my face I don’t need to f*****g show it
Sitting back in my cave
Steady plotting I’m so focused
I still laugh at the pain
Now my pockets overflowing
Young lxrd still going in like WAHo
Been the illist motherther fucker here I know
I won’t share these cheats I code
If you wanna chat that s**t then go ahead
Why does the devil try pick at my soul he still hits like a b***h I could kill him and eat him
I am a legend the stadiums next I will sell them all out and I’m living to see it
They wanna talk tough and hate on the kid I’m just focused me all you niggas are tweaking
Really just one of a kind I’m a god I’m a lord I’m the biggest you really gone see ittt.
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Berserk - scarlxrd
Berserk - scarlxrd