Bissonnet – Maxo Kream lyrics

Lyrics Bissonnet – Maxo Kream

Bissonnet lyrics
Emeks come here man sit down man
Get that gansta s**t off your head man what’s wrong with you man?
That blue bandana man what does that mean?
Take it off take it all- you see all of that gangsta s**t?
Put it on the side man we gonna have some real conversation
Father to son
Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?

I have my pops inside my life but right now that s**t don’t matter
He’d been locked up most my life so I feel just like a bastard
Police kickin’ in my door threw my momma on the floor
HPD took my pops I bought a heat hit the block
I was in them streets like speed bump potholes V12-auto Forgiato
‘Lenciaga no red bottoms I don’t rock no Ferragamos
I was Maxo Kream El Chapo dodgin’ narcos get you knocked off
Black suburban swervin’ make me nervous when I’m making drop offs
Used to handle rock like hot sauce call the hot sauce get you knocked off
He ain’t got no chill he kill for real and he ‘gon blow your top off
Genesee Street I took the top off b***h with me she took her top off
D**k ain’t hard she sucked me on soft hole-in-one her mouth like Tiger
Forever never not sober the city of double cuppers
We beefin’ this place and mothafuck you your sister your brother
I’m clutchin’ gun in my holster Beretta wet ’em like coasters
They shot my pops and my brother so I slide with choppas like butter
Pop toasters let go my ego for pesos give you a halo
Locked up my pops and took my brother so my daddy was my mother
Hit the stove stealin’ candy got grown start servin’ xannies
Momma told me hit the do’ she ain’t want dope around her family
Moved in with my grandma servin’ grannies at my grannies
Momma couldn’t stand me say I act just like my daddy
Fist fightin’ Pirus I hit the school with the Ruger
Had to take my .52 and hopped on Five-Deuce Hoover
I was a young n***a in the streets I ain’t know nothin’
Ain’t no big homie tell me s**t on my own thuggin’
Bad a*s actin’ up in class I ain’t learn nothin’
Reminisce on my first lick I hit for four onions
I turned that four into a sixteen and now I’m road runnin’ hey
Trap house scorchin’ use the stove and the oven
Every time I stashed it in the house my brother stole from me
And I was down bad and on my a*s nobody rode for me hey
I was broke bummy wasn’t havin’ no money hey
Ran the check up now you wanna hold somethin’ hey
Two Glocks fifty shots that’s a whole hunnid
Hit a n***a with two fifties call it change for a hunniddd

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