Black – Dom Sarfo lyrics

Lyrics Black – Dom Sarfo

Black lyrics
World tryna waste my time
Niggas worried bout me man it’s just a sign’
Niggas on my block saying one more time
Dom run it back this s**t wild
Can’t say s**t on this side
Ff my sister want it all imma give it to em
Momma want it all imma give it to her
F**k it pops want it all imma give it to him

Im my families only son
Since the beginning had no where to run
You think i don’t see this s**t in my peripheral
Please do not think i do this s**t for fun
86 hours i been on this s**t my n***a would have been thought i hopped out the hunt
Who would have thought that a quiet a*s n***a would come out of nowhere to f**k up yo sums

Red yellow green black n***a with a vision forming due time
Told him off
Wrote him off
Now he calling off for stu time
Now i wonder how life would of been if i never met jax
Never met chaz
And what if i ain’t meet cesar