Blatt – Glokknine lyrics

Lyrics Blatt – Glokknine

Blatt lyrics
Ridin’ in them splats
Aye, yuh, run up you get, uh
Aye, yuh, run up you get bratt
Aye, yuh, you thought I was gon’ say cracked, uh, slash that
And if you run then it blatt
Blatt, blatt, blatt, check me out look

Ayy, hoe, bummy eat this d**k like a mango
Big B s**t, crackers bend the block, I ain’t see s**t
But slash that, Draco on my lap, I can’t pass that
I had a thought, but done forgot it, that’s a abstract
No rack out, tried to hit a hoe, but that s**t ..
These niggas tryna come up off of this, f**k ’round and get clapped
I’m living this, lil bruh got clothes, came mysterious
Tryna say Lil Nine mumble rap, check my delivery
Remember when, I was in middle school and she wasn’t feelin’ me
Now I’m in her kidneys or the spot, where her liver is
Put a diss up on my name, my niggas bumming where you live
Yeah Lil Nine, GlokkNine, b***h I’m strapped up
Ain’t no condom on the d**k, so we nut a lil faster
If you owe me, like some rent collecting all your taxes
Robbing a n***a, slay his kids, your mama raised a bastard
Robbing a n***a, slay his kids, your mama raised a bastard
Talk your s**t jit, talk your s**t jit, tell ’em ’bout it
We be chargin’ up off of Molly, he feel like Super Sonic
I can’t flex or flag on nobody, but he ain’t livin’ ’bout it
All that s**t they rappin’, y’all believin’, ask the city ’bout it
All these golds, I swear I’m going achievin’ when it’s catch a body
I was out here scopin’ for no reason, that my fuckin’ hobby
Run up on Lil Nine and that’s like sayin’ that you suicidal
I’m gon’ speak my mind, what’s on my mind, and you gon’ hear about it
Open up they ears and now they sayin’ I’m the greatest out here
.. is a piff cause he caught 10, I don’t like to think about it
All I speak is facts up on them tracks, call this b***h Brazilian
I can’t wait till I get all them racks, I just want a milllion
Snappin’ on this beat by SourK, cause he the one who feel me
Aye, blood filled with rage and I’m gon’ double kill it
My niggas they gon’ bang, they make you feel it
Yeah, you talkin’ out your neck, I swear lil bruh the illest
Aye, yuh, uh, huh, I swear lil bruh the realest
He gon’ bang ’bout me, I swear he double kill it
Aye, double K, cause we gon’ double kill it
Uh, aye, double kill, that’s what the murder say
Yuh, aye, Lil Nine boost up the murder rate
It’s a killin’ in my city jit, like everyday
Uh, them jits they show no pity they want everything
Them jits .. gon’ pull up and just let it rain
Aye, we pull up jit, wait what you on
Aye, lil bruh I’m hanging with some rolling stones
All my niggas they don’t play jit
Yuh, uh, my niggas slangin’ Ks b***h
And if you run up, they gon’ paint s**t
And you get done up, cause Lil Nine he say go crank s**t
Okay, okay, okay, okay, jit
Okay, yuh, yuh, we on that crank s**t
Uh, okay, yuh, this crayola
I turn your s**t suwoop, oh yuh I ..
And what you on, I don’ know
Aye, my niggas they gon’ pull up let it blow
Aye, yuh, b***h we want all the smoke
And we givin’ all you cancer, don’t you choke
We givin’ all you niggas cancer, don’t you choke
Aye, I take these niggas as a joke
I take these niggas as a joke
Givin’ all this cancer, don’t you choke
I swear to God, bruh I’m freestylin’
Aye, yuh, yeah Lil Nine he just wildin’
Aye, my niggas they be ..
And they gon’ .. bang ’bout me
Suwoop, suwoop, suweee
Come here, come here, oh now you bleeddd.
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