Breeze – Birdman lyrics

Lyrics Breeze – Birdman

Breeze lyrics
[Intro: Birdman]
Yeah, this how we f*****g with it, D-Roc
Juvey, Stunna
Uptown, real n***a, rich n***a s**t
Let’s get it (Rich Gang)

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
I’m Uptown hardbody
And I got downtown four partners
And I’ll go to war ’bout ’em
Smoke weed on the west by my dawg house
Feel like the Godfather and I don’t have mob ties
Happy like a little kid first time going outside
I would not lie about it, I would go live-wire
I pull out my money, you pull out your money, you don’t have five dollars
I live and I die about it, I would not cry about it
You know you the s**t when you travel around with a fly-swatter

[Interlude: Birdman]
Yeah, years and years later (Yeah)
More money, more problems
Hundred mil’ up (Hundred mil’ up)
You understand me?
Highways with this pimpin’
We gon’ keep gettin’ it

[Verse 2: Juvenile]
I’m an artist like Shakespeare
I was born in the eighth year
Ain’t take a n***a long, got straight, yeah
Juvenile, Birdman, no fake here
You don’t trust nothin’, put your faith here
With the bullshit, n***a, stay clear
B***h, I got gifts like Saint Nick
And it ain’t nothing broke that I can’t fix
You don’t do nothin’ but hate me
And yeah, that made me
Rice in the pot cooking
Who care where the steaks be?
Beef ain’t nothing to me
I was raised on bare meat
Hairpin trigger, n***a, knock a n***a bare feet
What, y’all ain’t aware of me?
Pay up and just see
New Orleans my city, n***a
And I make the mayor leave
Streets take care of me
You’re looking at a rare breed
Fly-swatters for the insects
And I’m killing any bug come near me

[Outro: Birdman]
Soulja flow, it’s top floor all the way up (All the way up)
Just like that
Big money, boy
Rich Gang
I see you Roc (I see you, D-Roc)
B’s up, miles of man
Uptown where we stand
But we live on what we die for, boy
F**k with this here, this how we fuckin’ with it (Rich Gang)
Hah, let’s get it now, simple
RIP C-Lo, real n***a, rich n***a s**t

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