Burning – Pete & Bas lyrics

Lyrics Burning – Pete & Bas

Burning lyrics
Knocking them down, knockin them back, boys on the walkways on the flats
I’ve got the court case under wraps, we put the pork pies on the map
That’s a fact, and I eat pigs in bacon
Yeah, yeah, then I play cards in the basement

Boots up, doors down, run ’em out, four down
What’s that? Mine now, one bing, six rounds
Shut up, sit down, hat tipped down for the cameras
Whip back round for the boys
Cash in the mattress

Gold chains on the chest hair, take the big bills leave the rest there
They come around I don’t get scared, on the front lawn in a deck chair
Suit pressed, clean cut, off shore for that cheap stuff
Newspaper, feet up, bag of sand in that beach hut

Recipes, batches, powders, waxes, cash in hand no taxes
Kerosene, matches, burn down factories, big boy tactics
Money man, sterling, all this money I’m earning
Burning, burning, all this money I’m earning

All this money I’m earning, burning, burning, all this money I’m earning (x2)

Wrap the car round a lamp post, get the bus back for that lamb roast
I got big bills, I don’t count notes, got a couple mil for that Van Gogh
Off road in the land rover, 65 in that 40, gloves off for the hand over

Money in the bag, money in the van, money in the hold all, money in the hand
Money on the wrist, money on the chest, money on the pinkie, money in the nest
No name no pack drill, packs in vac-seal
Big bricks and a hammer in a satchel
(Both) And I got money in the baaaaag

All this money I’m earning, burning, burning, all this money I’m earning (x2)
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Burning - Pete & Bas
Burning - Pete & Bas