Business – Lil Windex lyrics

Lyrics Business – Lil Windex

Business lyrics
B***h I’m all about my business
Do not call me on my digits
Unless you’re talking ’bout some money
If you are then I am with it
If you aren’t then I might miss it
Every song I gots explicit
You can talk your s**t all day
But you won’t pop by for a visit
Go to Popeyes, get some chicken
That orange pop is what I’m sippin’
B***h I’m poppin’ and you isn’t
You can wash my fuckin’ dishes
And after that go mop my kitchen

Everyday the clock is tickin’
I want that guap and I’m addictive
If you are not in my division
Why the f**k you talking s**t then
My homie doc’ got them prescriptions
.., I get to pimpin’
Now my b***h want to get that d**k in
So how you want it, which position
Yeah, said how you want it, which position
B***h I know you’re mad, and I know why
Is it cause I’m always winning
All these rappers are like women
Always gossipin’ about s**t
But they ain’t livin’ how we livin’
They don’t do it like we do it
They ain’t even got the vision
I just walked up in this b***h and I got everybody trippin’
B***h I’m all about my business
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Business - Lil Windex
Business - Lil Windex