Came from scratch – Gucci Mane ft. Quavo lyrics

Lyrics Came from scratch – Gucci Mane

Came from scratch lyrics
Woo uh I made a million off scratch
Then put this drip in the bag
Came for the modelin bitches no Nats
The lean by the bottle no tax
12 think the coupe was hijacked
Back in the day I was into that
Now the bags come in by the max

[Chorus: Quavo]
Ayy ayy came from scratch
Ayy ayy came from scratch
Ayy ayy raise your racks
Ayy ayy raise your racks (x2)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Nah I m not into pitty pat
Nah I m not into interne
Get it young n***a go scratch that (Scratch that)
Comin up on the North he won t last yeah
My wrist baguetty blasted (Blasted)
My b***h fleek with the lashes (Fleek)
My gang they put you in caskets (Gang)
We kill em with whips and fashion (Whip)
McLaren the Benz the Lambo I m smashin
Pullin out of the mansion
In the Maybach relaxin
But the Demon the Cat are the fastest
You think that it s a fantasy
the way that my salary cappin (Cappin )
Me and Guwop we be laughin (Haha)
they wanna be partners again they relapsin

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Man I seen it from a mile away they tryna get some clout (Clout)
I know what you about ( Bout) I know without a doubt (Doubt)
I dropped the top I know it s one no need to cut it out
The money what it s bout ( Bout)
My b***h bag cost a house (Guwop)
I shine too hard offend folks without even openin my mouth
I needed folks they left me dead they kicked me I was down (Damn)
Picked myself up off the ground the blue cheese bailed me out (Honest)
My bank roll is on gout right now so sick can t leave the house (Egh)
Some leeches tried to ride my wave but all of them wiped out (Wiped)
My house so big I got lost couldn t even find my way around (Where?)
Some haters played some games with me but now they in the ground (Ground)
Dirty money Gucci Mane no hundreds in the groundd

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