Canonbury Square – YoungLordJu lyrics

Lyrics Canonbury Square – YoungLordJu

Canonbury Square lyrics
I spark the j and I think about
The old days Canonbury Square
Where a n***a used to lay
One room for me and my sis aye
We ain’t see the struggle life was so bliss aye
Momma made it so Father made it so aye
We ain’t never have to worry bout
The dough aye

Fast forward I’ll pull up on warren ave
I see the flames of inferno all on my path
Work killing pops so he gotta smoke the gas
Mom gone sis left so we down bad
No tears in our eyes can’t be sad
Tunnel vision yea our eyes stay on the bag
Canonbury square I was born for the struggle
No team just me pops in the huddle aye

They cut the lights aye they cut the water aye
Look good don’t judge us by a cover aye

They ask me how I became a YoungLord
I see my dad die a little each day thats all

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