Cap talk – Birdman lyrics

Lyrics Cap talk – Birdman

Cap talk lyrics
This for my niggas who ain’t here
I travel some miles to see ’em,
Shinin’ like a chandelier,
You ain’t got to get close to see him
Niggas talking out they lip,
I say em I shoot above the rim,
These niggas know what it is,
Big drp inside my timbs

I heard them say I was broke,
What the f**k these niggas talking bout,
These niggas know that that’s cap talk,
100 bands up inside a vault
Everytime we speak it’s that murda talk,
For a fact all these niggas know what it’s bout
And I know they ain’t havin’ the s**t I bought
When we up that chopp they draw the charge
Been thru it all these niggas p***y
When it come to this s**t ima b***h
When i see your lil homies they starin and lookin’,
My hittas on go and you better not push em
I stick to the rappin’ my og be cooking,
Wanted a chance when they gave it I took it
Up in jail every day I was hooking,
Juvenile center I overlooked it,
I Heard ’em say I was broke
But these niggas know that it’s cap talk
Niggas bitches hear when I talk
I was banging and slanging inside the north
Whole lot of money I made it all,
They ain’t from where I’m from can’t compare to me
Up the cutter make em draw the charge
I’mma stretch him he thinking ’bout tagging me

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Cap talk - Birdman
Cap talk - Birdman