Capital one – Offset lyrics

Lyrics Capital one – Offset

Capital One lyrics
I know some niggas that’s mad (Mad) that’s mad
I’m fuckin’ on all their bitches (Smash woo)
Fuckin’ that thot one time I’m not callin’ back
She got the picture (Brrt hey)
My diamond set is invisible (Shine)
You gotta survive we live in the wild
This s**t can get physical (Grr wow grr)
My uncle be cookin’ up dope and I’m asking’ him “What is the chemicals” (Uh cook it up)
Walk in the club with the pocket rocket and it’s under my genitals (Bah bah brrt)
I told these niggas I’m a dog and I’m not a gentleman
Forever I ball I’m never gon’ fall this money unlimited (Forever I ball woo)
The coupe is a fog get this bow-legged (Bah)
I see a check and I go get it (Check hey)
I love this lil’ b***h she a hoe with it (Ooh)
My pockets got bread got a loaf in it (Woo)
Sippin’ on Act kept a toast with it (Act Act Act)
I made a mill in a month all red blood diamonds
I think it’s that time of the month (Eugh)
This b***h been suckin’ on too much d**k (Oh)
She can’t even hit the blunt (Nah)
My momma said invest your money so I bought a restaurant (Yeah)
My grandma had died she looked in my eyes said “You was the one” (One)
I ran up the plug I press on the credit like Capital Oneee

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