chess – bbnos lyrics

Lyrics chess – bbnos

Chess lyrics
move a piece forward then i move a piece back
i got 12345 big racks
move a piece forward then i move a piece back
i got 12345 big stacks

slow down b***h
let me get my freeze on
you so crusty boy u looking like kruton
take a couple epos – i got my f*****g juice on
pull up on your mom and your hoping that i choose wrong
out the futon let me put my shoes on
in top lane yeah im spinning out like wukong
name is no money u can find me using coupon
sorry that your ex girl said u had a ding dong
ur off 6 xans i cant hear u you speaking clingon
why did u have to pipe your girl with a tiny clip on
pick u out the game then ill make my money life long
blow in china, cash in china, paly a game of mahjong
pretty much a dictionary cuz all i spit is facts – facts
shitting on these rappers cuz im eating on that flax
pull swinging nerfs yeah i got your a*s on blast
broke my arm from whipping leme cop a golden cast

i got 5678 chains that are slightly fake
pulled up on your mommie i got some cookies that im tryna bake
i know im kinda icy, really frosty but without the flakes
never smoke the grass cuz i do not wanna deal with snakes
drop tape
watch me make pape
everyday im out here tryna make my bank account deep as kelowna lake
OGOGOPOGO – check my flow doe
broke as s**t i flex like hobo, like her boobies i add the coco
cuff her up and thats a nono, spend a bag and get it back i didnt know that i could yoyo
got the goyward for my wallet and i got it on the low low
higher brothers crazy fire really tryna work with know know
got some love for chinese girls have u seen the girl named zozo
when did all these apes start chilling on my clothes?
pulled up in the model x and then i hit the coast
u should see my bank statement
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chess - bbnos
chess - bbnos