Cold – Lil Happy Lil Sad lyrics

Lyrics Cold – Lil Happy Lil Sad

Cold lyrics
she looked at me told me youre so fuckin lost
but she dont even see how she damagin us herself
i looked at her told her she so fuckin hot but she ain
gettin nothin i aint goin back to hell f**k no

i lose all control of myself when she cold as f**k
sayin some s**t but to her it aint addin up
she think she better than everyone else
so she always so busy w provin herself s**t

baby this s**t is jus part of my work
cracked my mind open i taught it to search
i just want it all to work girl
i just wanna help and learn

i just wanna spend and earn girl
i dont wanna see u hurt no more
do u wanna get that ‘stang girl
move around town all night in sports

this aint a act girl
i get it all anything i want hoe
so dont fuckin act girl
this s**t aint war i cant take all of this drama no more

and i aint gonna hurt u girl no more oh no
if i do girl i guess u better on your ownnn

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