Congratulations – Shawty Lo lyrics

Lyrics Shawty Lo – Congratulations

I’m ready man, ready for whatever man
Yeah, I’m ready man.
Congratulations, thank y’all for hating
Congratulations, thank y’all for faking
Congratulations, oh lord I made it
Congratulatiooons, swear to god I’ma take it
Congratulatiooons, yeah
Congratulatiooons, ah-ha
Congratulatiooons, aye
Congratulationoos, Shawty.

Let me take you back to 96
If you know what I mean
Real life story, I don’t sell no dreams
I had seven hundred but a deuce costs eighteen
Jay had one, told me to whip that s**t up
Gave him seven hundred and we split that s**t up
Damn, he did that for me
A n***a ain’t never did s**t for me
My crew started off with me, Kurt, and G
Crying and girl ain’t come
Bankhead to the ADV
Niggas can’t slump what’s meant to me, Shawty.

Congratulatiooons. (x4)

Known to do my thing n***a, no lie
Keep ‘em wrapped up and pretty like a bowtie
And I ain’t got a crossover
But all the s**t I talk, I just might cross over
I see ya bang but you can’t chew it
Do it big n***a, or don’t do it
I talk trap s**t fluent
Who ya niggas fooling?
Still in something foolish
And everything is paid for
Mama ain’t going back to jail
They just wanna know the blueprint
Young n***a follow in my footprint
Real niggas do real s**t
Run the trap s**t, n***a do the rap s**t
One show costs a whole brick
I still got them units.

Congratulatioons, thank y’all for hating
Congratulatiooons, thank y’all for faking
Congratulatiooons, oh lord I made it
Congratulatiooons, swear to god I’ma take it
Congratulatiooons, yeahhh
Congratulatiooons, ah-haaa
Congratulatiooons, aye
Congratulatiooons, Shawtyyy.
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