Crash Bandicoot – Yung Lean lyrics

Lyrics Crash Bandicoot – Yung Lean

Crash bandicoot bands My hands
Trash sandyroad skrrt the land. (x2)

Black antidode im on ten
Im in the parking lot wheres My mans
Im off a xan off a juice off a bean
Trapped in our ways aint Nobody live free
Like sherlock Holmes i sneak up on yaa easee
i dont like trouble But it sure likes me
In a french garden on rocks fell asleep
Moon by head and the sun at My feet
I tried to paint But i Got a disease
U and me together could be something free
Got a lot o money But aint s**t freee
suckers everywhere But b***h Im suckafree.

Serpentine serpentine Snakes out in colombine
four cups Two cups Im swervin outta mind
3 girls two nights Im seein stars night
Been in this s**t so long i Feel traumatized.

My whip bipolar
And My flow schizophreniic
Diagnos bipolar
But i Made it cross the atlaantic. (x2)

Drop top candlelight
Cop drop samurai
im sippin lean mixed w bubbly
Polo’d down lean but i dont play no rugby
Dont play no games with me cos i play ugly
My Team medieval ourhelmets rusty
Helmut Lang isssey miyaki it must be
Cant take u Seriously naa u look suspect
I wanna f**k ur bones out t u Love me
connection beeen going down lately Its nothing.

Don’t know Who to Call today
Is summer so Im chillin straight
On My porch Sippin lemonade
Got Coke n whiskey hibernate
Snakes in desert in My face
shotgun and a issey case
Myaki n yoyhi on My pants and diamonds in my faceee.
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Crash Bandicoot - Yung Lean
Crash Bandicoot - Yung Lean