Darkside – blink-182 lyrics

Lyrics Darkside – blink-182

Darkside lyrics
She’s a girl dressed in black from another world
Lives and breathes like a girl from another world
She don’t know my name
She don’t have the time of day
Celebrate medicate ’til we numb the pain
In this storm it’s still dark like it always rains
She don’t feel the same
She don’t have the time of day
And I wait for her
I don’t care what you say
No I don’t care what you do
I’m going to the darkside with you
She’s a girl
I look back to what could have been
Her cloak and dagger mouth tastes like medicine
She won’t last the night
Spun out in the neon light
You would leave but you need me to numb the pain
You’re possessed and you slept through another day
You don’t feel the same
And I don’t have the strength to stayyy

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