Dear family – Apollo lyrics

Lyrics Dear family – Apollo

Dear family lyrics
Dear family
I m coming to terms
I can t let somebody take in the lesson
Don t wanna be taking it first
They keep on asking me questions
Like why I m depressed and it s making it worse
I need to vent to somebody
And tried everything up to making it work
I d rather die than be left to the herd
I ve been singing my suicide
This rap s**t is do or die
I receive messages kids tell me daily “I m glad I keep you alive”
I could keep myself afloat

I feel lost in the sea bull of h**s in the boat
I just wanna feel peace wanna feel me
I just wanna believe I felt normal before
This ain t how I envisioned it
I thought I sign and things would be different
Yeah I guess the both of us wrong
I wrote these songs about killing myself
And I let the whole world sing along
I never make it then all of my business is out in the open
After I m gone
Yeah I m tired of playing the victim
Tired of having anxiety crippling
Tired of explaining depression to people
Who stuck in the system and won t even listen
I m tired of overthinking every aspect the bomb
And they don t give a f**k and it s sickening
Tired of living in hope there s a God
And my family can feel me whenever I visit
I m sorryyy

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