Deep thoughts – Neffex lyrics

Lyrics Deep thoughts – Neffex

Deep thoughts lyrics
wake up,
early mornings
late nights
hopping on a different flight
what’s the meaning of life
wake up
same ish different day
make a wish call it pray
am I sick I’m ok
stay up
late nights still in pain
and my mind it decays
as I try to make a change
see the sun
see it set
feel some pain
feel regret
all the same
what is next
im to blame
for my head uh

life it changes
in many different ways yea
ya turn the page
and you see a new day yea
be the same
or you go and make a name yea
listen to hate
or help someone’s who’s in pain yea

we all want love
and we all want to be great yea
it’s not enough
so we keep running the race yea
this life is tough
if you let it be that way yea
sit back and love
your own journey everyday yea

I got a lot of deep Thoughts
in my bed
got me feeling like a weak spot
in my head
and I ask myself to please stop
take a breath
need to get all of these deep Thoughts
out my head

I just wanna be known
I just wanna be home
feel like I’m all alone
and I need to do it on my own

I live for music
yea I love to do it
yea it’s therapeutic
and I need it to get through it
I keep on moving
I keep on doing
I keep improving
so people can feel it to and
go on,
fix their lives
one decision at a time
one vision one mind
we’re winning this grind
let’s make each other proud
turn the future into now
turn this world upside down uh

I don’t wanna feel the pain no more
I just wanna make a change restore
humanity the sanity is leaving for the vanity I plan to be close with my family substantially avoiding all calamity financially
stable it’s a fantasy it’s blasphemy I Hollar out loud cuz I’m crying out in agony
I just wanna help people yea
cuz we all just equal uh
and we all just fearful uh
of those who deceitful yea
but if we all just work hard
and we let down our guards
we can open up our hearts
and figure out how the healing startsss
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Deep thoughts - Neffex
Deep thoughts - Neffex