Deja Vu – Wengie lyrics

Lyrics Deja Vu – Wengie

Deja vu lyrics
We can spend the day
Let’s stay up all night
We never get tired
Of doing what we like

You say let’s go out
You just read my mind
All the magic places
That I know we can find

When I hear that song you like
Oh it takes me back in time
Think i been here before

I don’t think it’s something new
And I think you know it too
Every time I think of you
I keep on getting Dejaaa-vu

Every time you call
Can’t get off the phone
Tell each other secrets
That no one else can know

You know my ups and downs
I know you inside out
All through the good
All through the bad
I will be there

I get dejaaa vu with you
I get dejaaa-vu with you
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