Do you love me – Migos lyrics

Lyrics Migos – Do you love me

Love me, love me or hate me
In the kitchen yeah, I’m the baker’s man, ayy
Too much money, ain’t no rubberbands
Put that b*tch on the molly, she f*ck me and friends, ayy
Yeah it’s hot in here, it’s hot in here, ayy (it’s hot)
b*tch you not in here, you not in here, ayy (you not)
We got the spot in here, the spot in here, ayy (bando)
Don’t get that Glock in here, that Glock in here
Who you worried ’bout? nothin’
What you worried ’bout? nothin’
Got that problem solver, solve one
Know we havin’ it, we poppin’ somethin’
Chinchilla on, Frank Lucas (burr)
Every state I go the same groupies
Train my soldiers, Major Pain movie
That Act ain’t clean, they say you drinkin’ motor fluid
Real drinker cup dirty, drinkin’ sewage
Real smoker, cookies and the backwoods
I’m in Hollywood but I act hood
I kick a door then rap ’bout it, get plaques too.(do you love me)

Do you love me?
Do you, do you, do you, do you, do you? (x4)

I should not trust no ho
Last time I trusted she broke the oath
Cookie blunts on me, Act I poured a four
I done came from nothing, I deserve where I go
I just spent a hundred, ‘nother hundred, that’s two hundred
I f*cked my b*tch and then f*cked her friend right up under her
b*tch can’t take the d**k, you too damn loud, you ’bout to wake her up
That money that my mission, it’s on my mind and I don’t give a f*ck
Oh you got drank? let’s pour up (mud)
Your b*tch wanna f*ck so I’m gon’ wrap it up (smash)
I’m pipin’ on niggas, I want
My diamonds leaking on a young n***a’s bucket, ayy
f*ckin’ niggas, baby do you love me? ayyyy
f*ckin’ b*tches, pass ’em to my brother.

Do you love me?
Do you, do you, do you, do you, do youuu? (x4)
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