Drip creator – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics Drip creator – NLE Choppa

Drip creator lyrics
I’m tryna get money don’t care bout the fame
Fucked the first night and I don’t know her name
I’m popping these percs to ease all this pain
.. these bitches I need me a cain
Broken down bad I need me a plate
Keep me a shooter like kids ..
Chasing this bag and stay out the way
These niggas they hate just look at they face
Dripping too much got your main b***h looking
Soon as you look you know that she took it
Niggas throwing .. took it
Hall of fame shooters don’t f**k with no rookies
Shooting my 20 but my dice is crooked
Niggas sneak dissing they really some pussies
Bullets to his head just like a hoodie
Running your pockets we need all your goodies
Kicked her out the spot I gave her the boot
My n***a like .. they ready to shoot
Send a hit and then we watch it go poof
Feds pick me up and I don’t gave a clue
Spending the flavors sipping on liquors
Shocking the game I don’t need a taser

All orange like a Florida Gator
Look at my drip I’m the drip creator
Drip creator yeah I’m the drip creator
Ayy I’m the drip creator
Ayy I’m the drip creator
Drip creator all orange like a Florida Gator

Going back in you thought I was finished
Since a youngin’ been a menace like Dennis
Got me some racks I ain’t talkin’ bout titties
Money .. look like some titties
Free the f*****g case sexual harassment
Pull up and shoot like I’m Tyler Harris
Boy want some smoke? Yeah he got static
Bullets make him go “He-he who who”
Thats the Micheal Jackson
Yeah He-he who who
Thats the Micheal Jackson
.. choppa too smooth
.. choppa too smooth
.. choppa too smooth smooth yeah

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