Drip for sale – Plies lyrics

Lyrics Drip for sale – Plies

Drip 4 sale lyrics
I got drip for sale (x12)

Had a blue eighty, coulda bought me a Rolex
Always bitchin’, shoulda bought him a Kotex
Dependin’ how I feel, might throw me two back
Glee glee, yeah, like Kodak
Your little b***h tryna ride my wave
NBA YoungBoy outside today
Shoe game sick, finna see my doctor
Niggas stealin’ swag, finna call my lawyer

Flew three h**s into Miami at the same damn time
Had ’em suckin’, had ’em fuckin’ at the same damn time
I bought ’em Fendi, bought ’em Louis at the same damn time
Spun it back, made a bag at the same damn time

I got drip for sale (x12)

Big boy drip, can’t find this at Macy’s
Four pockets thick and I had all of ’em crazy
Twenty strippers ’round me, got all of ’em naked
Got twenty niggas ’round you and all of ’em fake
Had a Lear from LA, droppin’ all drip
Ten grand, all hunnids, call that a clip
In some Alexander McQueen, hit her doggy style
All the drip I got on got me soakin’ now
Versace on, I can still whip it
I can be somewhere cold, I can still drip
Drip ’round my neck, that’s a mil’ ticket
It be a three piece suit, you can still get it

I got 99 problems, but the drip ain’t one
You ain’t gotta f**k with me, don’t make me nothin’
I’ma drip, drip down, I’ma drip, drip down
If you wanna buy a drip, I can sell you somethin’

I got drip for sale (x12)
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Drip for sale - Plies
Drip for sale - Plies